EcolAgro Profile
The company is pioneering the technological innovations for solid waste management, Organic Farming, Agriculture and innovative express composting and casing soil preparation technology for Button mushroom cultivation. The company is based in the science & research city of Lucknow which is the home of various reputed institutes of national & international fame e.g., NBRI, CDRI, CISH, IISR, ITRI, CBR, CIMAP, NBFGR etc.

The company has well established facilities and expertise to support projects and to provide a wide range of engineering and construction services for clients.

Our Vision of Wonderful Inventions
EcolAgro Venture Pvt. Ltd. is a company committed to the development & propagation of innovative products for the sustainable maintenance of Environment by meeting its scavenging & decomposition needs with the help of innovative microbial cultures developed by us.

We are driven by our core belief in Natural & Organic products which are aimed at cleansing of the wastes generated by Industries, Social in-habitations and Agricultural operations. We at EcolAgro venture, are practical in reduction of costs in Waste Handling & Management (including Sludge, Sewage, Effluents etc) by accelerating the microbial activity in the medium and hence increasing its pace of decomposition. The plant and machine for waste water & sludge treatment supplied are best and cost effective in the range and has edge over technology.

What is "Wonders of EcolAgro"?
EcolAgro Venture Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneer in the field of Microbiology, Environmental science, Food industry, Sustainable & modern Agriculture and Mushroom industry. The company has invented microbial solutions for solving the problem arising from the waste generated from Food and Agro industries, town and municipal waste, sustainable agriculture etc. We also prepare microbial culture for compost preparation of Mushroom cultivation etc.

The microbial solutions of the company are in 5 ranges:
Ecomposter™: This product is formulated for accelerated decomposition of solid waste emerging from industries, town and municipal waste etc.

EcoMaster™: This product is formulated for sludge, sewage, pond& lagoons, ETP, STP to decompose waste, reduce odor, maintain pH etc.

AgriMaster™: This product is formulated for sustainable agriculture, enhanced productivity, Seed germination, reduction in chemical fertilizer and improvement in natural taste and aroma of the crop produced.

AgriSol™: this product is formulated for controlling the various pests and diseases of the soil and plant.

MushroomPlus™: This product is formulated for accelerated composting & thermogenisis of compost preparation for Button mushroom cultivation. Mushroom compost can be prepared in just 10 days right from soaking the straw to spawning. The technology has been recognized by Science and technology department, Govt of UP. The product is popularly known as a super composting activator in the state of Punjab, Haryana, west UP etc.