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polyelectrolyte supplier from india

At Ecolagro, we are committed to reducing the impact of the effluents generated from various sources on the environment by developing innovative products for the containment of the effects of the waste that is generated in various treatment processes and by meeting the planet’s decomposition needs with constant innovations and development in microbial cultures for the purpose. With products across a wide range of treatment procedures and agriculture-related chemicals, our venture as a polyelectrolyte manufacturer in India was for the purpose of flotation treatment of waste water generated by various industrial processes to break down the larger components with ease.

As a polyelectrolyte manufacturer in India, we take advantage of the long-chain organic structured polymers that these are which are often known to having molecular weights in excess of one million. Depending on the water body of wastewater it has to encounter, these polyelectrolytes are either natural or synthetic in origin.

Polyelectrolyte Manufacturer & Supplier From India

These natural polymers have been proven to act as coagulant-aids for a long time now but what matters to us as Polyelectrolyte manufacturers from India are its commercially important forms that are used in the clarification processes, i.e., the synthetic polyelectrolytes. On the top of the list of these synthetic forms include high-molecular-weight polyamines, polyacrylamides, polyalkyleneimines, and polyacrylonitrile. Some of the practical benefits of polyelectrolyte’s that we make use of in the cleansing process is the effectiveness, even in much lower dosages than those required with the inorganic flocculent treatment. The use of these chemicals has proven to have the potential to reduce the capacity for existing treatment plants, thereby reducing the humongous capital costs going in for the set upon new plants. This is due to the reduction in the size of the sludge-handling and treatment equipment required.

The use of these polyelectrolytes in wastewater treatment is targeted towards the conditioning of the sludge in the waste water body, prior to its vacuum filtration. The main purpose of these polyelectrolytes in the treatment of wastewater is to modify the flow and stability properties of these complex aqueous solutions. These are used to destabilize a colloidal suspension to initiate the process of flocculation, or in layman’s terms, precipitation. When treated with the waste water body, all the components that are otherwise hard to treat or break down get accumulated for easier collection from the waste water body. Polyelectrolytes also possess a property by which they can impart what is known as a surface charge to the neutral particles present in the water body, enabling them to be uniformly dispersed in the waste aqueous solution.

The properties of these polyelectrolytes due to which they can be used as thickeners, emulsifiers, clarifying agents, and even drag reducers make them fit for extensive conditioning of the waste water entity to reduce the drag and in some processes, for oil recovery as well. After extensive study and lab experiments of some of these polyelectrolytes, they showed great potential in the treatment of effluents produced by several industrial processes or those generated by households.

With this groundbreaking progress in our water treatment methodology, we are among the top polyelectrolyte suppliers from India with more and more industries, government entities and other treatment plants approaching us for these chemicals. With the strict regulations now set by the pollution control board, it has also become mandatory for treatment plants to follow the strict guidelines in the treatment process, which adds to our endeavor of becoming one of the top polyelectrolyte manufacturers from India.

As a polyelectrolyte supplier From India, it is also our job to carry out the extensive testing and researching procedures to ensure that the chemicals developed are potent enough to work in high-performance environments such as large scale factories or industries who are letting out their harmful industrial waste into local water bodies. The polyelectrolytes manufactured at our plant are enriched with the concentration of highly potent chemicals, ones that are targeted towards separating out the sediments right out of the solution, which is otherwise hard to treat. By using these polyelectrolytes, a more efficient treatment process can be carried out for complete containment of the harmful components in the waste water bodies and their after-effects on the environment.

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