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Benefits of Agrimaster for Agriculture and Horticulture - The Best Way to Save Time and Money on Farming

1. It reduces the time span for making compost drastically.
2. It increases the efficiency of organic matter as a Bio fertilizer.
3. It helps to maintain the soil microbial balance by suppressing harmful microbes and increase beneficial microbe.
4. It helps in continuous cropping.
5. It develops resistance of plants to pests and diseases and is a powerful tool for IPM.
6. Improves plant vigor and induces resistance to plants against drought stress.
7. Continuous use of AgriMaster Would result in improve in soil structure, texture. water retention, labor reduction and better yield, thus increasing the profitability for the farmers and conserving valuable natural resources AgriMaster increases fruit seting and quality.
8. It increases the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.
9. Enhances both cell division and elongation.
10. Enhances key enzymes and physiological process in plants.
11. Improves translocation of solutes and AgriMaster brane permeability.
12. Improves photosynthesis and increases dry weight.
13. Yield increased due to direct action on pollination and fertilization.
14. It is safe for mammal, bird, and fishes.
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