Ecomposter™: This product is formulated for accelerated decomposition of solid waste emerging from industries, town and municipal waste etc.

EcoMaster™: This product is formulated for sludge, sewage, pond& lagoons, ETP, STP to decompose waste, reduce odor, maintain pH etc.

AgriMaster™: This product is formulated for sustainable agriculture, enhanced productivity, Seed germination, reduction in chemical fertilizer and improvement in natural taste and aroma of the crop produced.

AgriSol™: this product is formulated for controlling the various pests and diseases of the soil and plant.

MushroomPlus™: This product is formulated for accelerated composting & thermogenisis of compost preparation for Button mushroom cultivation. Mushroom compost can be prepared in just 10 days right from soaking the straw to spawning. The technology has been recognized by Science and technology department, Govt of UP. The product is popularly known as a super composting activator in the state of Punjab, Haryana, west UP etc.