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Success doesn’t have any age limit and requirement. A person can initiate changes no matter what stage of life that person is.Yes, Mr. Jitendra Kumar Singh, resident of Lucknow, has proved that everything is possible when you have the courage to do it.

Mushroom man of India - Mr. Jitendra Kumar SinghMr. Jitendra Kumar Singh is a well-known scientist and been a food consultant of IL&FS earlier. There are enormous facts about him that are worth knowing. He holds the title of the “Mushroom Man of India” due to his contribution in the field of mushroom farming, isn’t it amazing! He has researched and developed many technologies which can be easily accessed by farmers to give a turn to farming Field.He involves his time for developing new technologies and researches.

Innovative contributions of Mr. Jitendra Kumar Singh in the field of Mushroom Cultivation, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Food Processing Projects, Modern Agriculture, Organic Farming, New Product Development, Biodynamic Farming, Research & Training, etc. have been awarded by the various government Institutions of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Bihar.For the development of agriculture and agriculture-based industries in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Bhutan, has also worked on projects of the World Bank, FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization), and USAID (United States Agency for International Development), etc.

Undoubtedly his personality and achievements are worth knowing because they are beneficial for the whole farming system. He has faced many challenges to bring his innovations on the field. But he never gave up and always pushed himself towards making his dream come true. His work is insightful.

If we talk about his latest development then it’s a technology developed by him which helps to convert compost from Long method technology from 25 days to just in 10 days (reducing the time and manpower both) which itself is a remarkable innovation when you come to know about it. He is also an amazing trainer where he guides the farmers to use the latest technologies. Till now he has trained 3000+ farmers and count are still on. Farmers feel great to be trained under his supervision.

Presently, Mr. Jitendra Kumar Singh has formed up a company by the name of ECOLAGROVenture Pvt Limited which is best known for providing technological innovations for different kinds of farming including organic farming, solid waste management. Mainly, this company guides farmers for better and increased production of mushrooms in lesser time.

This Lucknow based company ensures proper delivery of the latest technologies to be used for better and increased production of mushrooms in less amount of time. The core motive is to support organic and natural products aiming to clean the wastage generated by the industries and factories.

ECOLAGROVenture Pvt Limited is a pioneer in the field of Environmental Science, Microbiology, Sustainable and Modern agriculture, and Mushroom Industry. The company has developed microbial solutions to solve the water generation problem from Agriculture and food industries, town, municipal waste, etc. Also, a leading consultant wastewater treatment microbial cultures, pig farm odor control, Refinery waste composting, and oil and sludge treatment bio cultures from Lucknow.

Technologies and products invented by Mr. Jitendra Kumar Singh are available at reasonable rates, effective and less time-consuming. All you have to is you have to visit their office or official website.EcolAgro Venture Pvt ltd Ecomposter Composting Microbes, EcolAgro Venture Pvt ltd Pro Biotic Fermented Feed, EcolAgro Venture Pvt ltd Pro Biotic Fermented Feed, EcolAgro Venture Pvt ltd Pro Biotic Fermented Feed, EcolAgro Venture Pvt ltd Eco Master Odor Remover, etc, are some products that are invented by him.

This was all possible because of Mr. Jitendra Kumar Singh’s pragmatic innovative skills. He is totally devoted to the research and development field in order to come up with updated technologies.

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