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Odour has become one of the major concerns nowadays in concerns with hygiene, be it at your workplace or your homes or in your neighborhood. Bad odour disturbs the environment, it contaminates the air and eventually, it can impact on the overall human health. Today’s pollution control in the country is falling short by a long mile and it is also very expensive for total and complete pollution, garbage and sewage control or treatment. Also, there are areas where garbage or sewage control cannot be looked upon on an individual basis. For instance, a neighborhood has a garbage terminal in the vicinity or maybe a sewage treatment plant. The amount of odour emitted by such places are unbearable and the odour ideally spreads around the whole neighborhood, disturbing the environment and thus impacts on the harmony. There is also the bigger picture, the greater impact that odour has on the environment, which causes the green gases to destroy the ozone layer.

Local municipal bodies would not always take up the responsibility to look after issues of this sort. Landfills or sewage systems are government-controlled and they are not always successful at containing the odour emitted in the process. The processes the incorporate involve the use of harsh chemical cleaners and toxic products which kill the desirable bacteria, but also, in turn, kill the environment. There is more to odour than just the foul smell it causes. The odor is scientifically a result of the imbalance between the natural bacteria in a certain environment or vicinity. The natural bacteria are supposed to consume the waste and due to this very imbalance, the percentage of this natural bacteria is far less, or rather the percentage of the odour causing sources is just way too high. We at Ecolagro have this aspect in our mission to provide individual solutions to eliminate this problem. And its not just the outdoor sources, our odour control solutions are designed to take care of odour sources that may be present inside your house such as pet enclosures or fish tanks or garbage disposal units.


As a renowned Advisor and Consultant group for Food Processing, Agricultural Business & allied industries in India, we at Ecol Agro have designed our newest product, which is an odour removal chemical powder. It is a result of our extensive and exhaustive research into bacteria cultivation, safer chemicals and in turn, lesser harmful impact on the environment. Our odour removal chemical powder is targeted to individuals for domestic, in-house uses to larger, sewage treatment, garbage disposal or other sorts of entities that are the sources of release of foul odour. The odour removal chemical powder we have developed at Ecol Agro is ideal for use on a very wide scale, ranging from indoor odour management to big farms rearing cattle or pigs to fit the requirement almost all odour producing plants and sources. We have also kept in mind the environmental impact of our product which is the reason of having incorporated safer, eco-friendly chemicals in our powder to eliminate any kind of foul odour efficiently, without leaving behind any harmful footprints for the same. To summarize, our odour removal chemical powder handles odour at a varied level and is a perfect solution of individuals and industries.

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