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Spirulina is an alga, it is green in colour. Spirulina is quite profitable has a high protein content and is highly demanded in the food and pharmaceutical industry. It is used as an antioxidant. It is usually grown in ponds and can found in pots as well. They grow in places that are rich in mineral content. Volcanoes are also home to spirulina. It can be consumed by both animals and humans. Spirulina is quite a popular supplement. This is highly dense with nutrients often taken to protect our cells from damage. It can be grown on fresh and salt water.

 The major reason why spirulina is a mega hit is that it has anti-cancer properties. Studies have shown positive results on people who have been taking spirulina to fight cancer. It is made into tablets or the powder can be mixed with water. Many people endorse Spirulina as a remedy for an array of issues such as metabolism and heart health including weight loss management, diabetes according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH)

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It can be recommended as a helpful nutrient for various mental and emotional disorders, anxiety, stress, depression. However, Spirulina is rich in nutrients, some of which are lacking in other vitamins. Spirulina contains significant amount of calcium,, potassium, magnesium that is needed by individuals on a daily basis. Its also composed of amino acids (substances  that help to build up proteins). Protein constitutes 60% to 70% of spirulina making it amazing as an antioxidant for various industries. 

There are many  leading consultanty  for the spirulina, biotechnology. The consultancies are well equipped with trained manpower who have sound knowledge how Biotechnology and high-value horticulture.From the scratch to end we provide every services. We provide consulting Report of feasibility, design of the plant, selection of equipment and the machines, selection of media , technolog of production , construction and implementation ponds of spirulina production unit.

Spirulina grows the best in the environment which has high heat. There are many horticulture based companies that have sustainable agricultural solutions that have framework designed to give optimum solutions and support farmers all across the globe needs. We are focused on strengthening farmers, to help them increase in their productions. large & small to produce more from their land while keeping more of our natural resources such as water & energy safe and pristine. We strive to increase the availability of our products to the hardworking farmers throughout the world by broadly licensing our seeds, products & trait technologies to other countries. Our customers are the backbone of our venture. The harvest time takes around three to six weeks. It is grown with a mineral fertilizer with nitrogen as a major source. You need to check the pH level within 24 hours. If it has attained the pH of 10 and the tank is full along with algaes which have grown thick.

We take the measure of the following services. We adhere to give premium quality services to our clients who look for a greener option and support the ecosystem and economy of our country. These horticulture helps the farmers to become more and more prosperous. We provide the services for the proper laboratory set up. We look after the preparation of spirulina in a spirulina farming consultancy and production technology. The process involves dehydration, screening and pulverising post the production of the blue green coloured algae. The fertilizers that are used are solids or liquid depending upon the requirement. We can give any shape to the biomass whether a capsule or a tablet. We assure the quality of  the products and audits. we produce to give proper certification to attain trust of our clients.

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